US and World news - 20-01-22

The media and the Left Likes to bash Trump on everything now. Before he ran for President, he was loved by many who now try to destroy him. A lot of us know better. This is counter bashing right here. This is all the real stuff here. No Fake News. Pre Election 2016
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US and World news - 20-01-22

Post by ZaimrumCaW » Thu Jan 20, 2022 5:41 pm

US senators are hurriedly trying to adopt a plan to prevent a Russian invasion of Ukraine, but it is likely that it is already too late: officials are arguing over the details of the document and the nature of sanctions that should be imposed against Russia. Politico writes about this, citing sources in the Senate.

Members of the Democratic and Republican parties are trying to develop a package of sanctions that would cause maximum damage to the Russian economy if Moscow provokes a war in Eastern Europe. However, the senators have not yet come to a consensus on what should be included in the package of measures.

At the same time, the Democrats devoted the entire past week to discussing electoral reform. According to the authors of Politico, until it comes to the bill on the imposition of sanctions against the Russian Federation, it may be too late: they will not have enough time to stop the "invasion" of Russian troops in Ukraine. Both Republicans and Democrats interviewed by the publication are afraid of such a development.

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