Hot news - 20/01/2022

The media and the Left Likes to bash Trump on everything now. Before he ran for President, he was loved by many who now try to destroy him. A lot of us know better. This is counter bashing right here. This is all the real stuff here. No Fake News. Pre Election 2016
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Hot news - 20/01/2022

Post by JorgeGer » Thu Jan 20, 2022 11:18 pm

For several days in a row, the British Air Force has been sending aircraft with weapons to Ukraine. This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova during a briefing for journalists, the broadcast of which is available on the YouTube channel "RT in Russian".

"For several days now, Britain has been sending weapons to Ukraine by military transport planes of its Air Force. It is already quite obvious that at least six flights were organized," Maria Zakharova said. According to her estimates, the aircraft can take on board up to 77.5 tons of cargo, that is, London has transferred a total of about 460 tons of weapons to Kiev.

Zakharova also said that Britain had supplied portable anti-tank complexes to the Ukrainian army. As she noted, with the help of such weapons, it is possible to fight in urban conditions. Also, according to her, Western instructors teach the Ukrainian military exactly the tactics of urban battles.

On January 18, it became known that the UK had delivered a batch of weapons to Ukraine. A transport plane of the Royal Air Force landed in Kiev with a cargo of light anti-tank weapons. Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine for European Integration Anatoly Petrenko noted that the funds provided will be used exclusively for defense purposes.

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