Leo Terrell

Leo Terrell podcast – Link

Leo Terrell has been a guest on Fox News channel for some time. He represented the Democrat party as a commentator – which contrary to popular belief – Fox News DOES make a serious effort to include. The discussions were always lively (sometimes heated) with Sean Hannity and Larry Elder to name a few.

Leo has been a Civil Rights Attorney – he became a member of the California Bar since December 1990.

Recently, Leo has had a change of heart towards the Democrat party. I was in shock as much as anyone who had seen his appearances previously, but it’s been so exciting to watch the transformation. Overall, Leo has been clear in saying he is putting America’s best interest before party. Every American Patriot should appreciate that. WE ABSOLUTELY DO!!

In my view: [For me personally, it unfortunately feels as though the Democrat party no longer has the best interest of America or Americans at heart. It literally feels like the Democrats ONLY concern is to be against everything President Trump is for. President Trump is America First, so Democrats stand idly by watching America burn to the ground. It’s insanity!!!]

Leo Appearances [YouTube playlist]