What does it mean??

In October 2017, an anonymous user put a series of posts on the message board 4chan. The user signed off as “Q” and claimed to have a level of US security approval known as “Q clearance”.

These messages became known as “Q drops” or “breadcrumbs”, often written in cryptic language peppered with slogans, pledges, and pro-Trump themes.

QAnon has been labeled a “conspiracy theory” by its detractors (of course – why wouldn’t they). Now it’s being attacked by social media like Twitter, which has announced a crackdown on the QAnon movement, banning thousands of accounts and blocking web addresses linking to videos and websites spreading QAnon discussion.

In my view:[All the group does is clearly explain to everyone to do their own research. Everything you see and read about can (and should) be checked on your own via the internet].

It is only when people do look into the claims that ‘Q’ has made over the years, that people become believers.

See for yourself and decide. WWG1WGA